Aixplorer MACH


Speed Matters 

Ultrasound is an imaging tool that is particularly well adapted to children because their organs are not very deep. However, conventional pediatric ultrasound exams are sometimes challenging to perform due to small structures that are hard to image, patient movement and/or the inability for young children to perform apnea.

To overcome these technical difficulties, the SuperSonic MACH range has the answers.  Our ultrasound systems produce clinically detailed images with excellent spatial resolution for small structures. For children in constant movement, UltraFast Doppler makes vascular exams easier. UltraFast Doppler  combines both Color Doppler and Pulsed Wave Doppler. A quick, three seconds of scanning renders retrospective, high quality flow information without compromises between frame rate and field of view and immediate full quantitative spectral Doppler flow analysis. UltraFast Doppler is also very useful to detect and characterize small vessels. To ensure workflow ease, this analysis can also be performed without requiring the patient to be present. 

In addition, real-time ShearWave™ Elastography can also be used with children to image tissue elasticity in kilopascals. ShearWave Elastography can image liver stiffness even without apnea required and through very small intercostal spaces, or epigastrically, making the pediatric diagnostic process easier (more manageable).


SMC12-3 Image


Number of elements: 192
Bandwith: 3-12 MHz
Applications: designed specifically for pediatrics, Pelvic, GYN, Abdomen, Neonatal Head, Vascular, General


SuperLinear™ SL10-2

Number of elements : 192
Bandwith: 2-10 MHz 
Applications: Hip, Instestine, Thyroid-Neck, Scrotum, Superficial, Neonatal Head, Abdominal, Breast, Musculoskeletal, Thyroid, Vascular, General


SuperLinear™ SL15-4

Number of elements: 256
Bandwith: 4-15 MHz
Applications: Hip, Instestine, Thyroid-Neck, Scrotum, Superficial, Neonatal Head, Abdominal, Breast, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics, Thyroid, General


Single Crystal Curved XC6

Number of elements: 192
Bandwith: 1-6 MHz
Applications: Pelvic-GYN, Abdomen, Genitourinary, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Vascular, General


SuperLinear™ SLH20-6

Number of elements: 192
Bandwith: 6-20 MHz
Applications: Thyroid-Neck, Scrotum, Superficial, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, General

« My patient was a 12 year old girl with appendicular syndrome, a condition which is difficult to diagnose. The images we acquired with a conventional ultrasound system showed a thickened appendix. This information was not adequate to make a diagnosis. We then scanned the patient with the Aixplorer, where we experienced crystal clear abdominal images that provided a detailed analysis of the wall. We could determine that the thickening was limited to the mucosa related hyperplasia of lymphoid follicles. As a result, the patient was able to avoid an unnecessary operation and was instead treated with medication.”»
Dr. Franchi-Abella, Bicêtre Hospital, Paris, France
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