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Accuracy Matters

Deliver accurate exam information critical to your thyroid diagnostic challenges.

TissueTuner eases your workflow by optimizing resolution to achieve the best delineation of structures. Five adjustable settings correct the speed of sound in the tissue being scanned to give you an impeccable image, every time.

Pioneering Thy-RADS™ tool enables quick identification and documentation for all your nodule characterization needs. Up to 8 thyroid nodules can be simultaneously analyzed. 

Software driven, non-manual, ShearWave Elastography™ (SWE) renders a real-time, quantitative (kPa) color-coded assessment to characterize both thyroid nodules (cystic and solid) and neck lymph nodes.

SWE may be especially helpful in:

  • Improving the sensitivity of Fine Needle Aspirations (FNA).
  • Differentiating tissue stiffness prior to surgery, leading to improved accuracy of ultrasound thyroid examinations of follicular neoplasms.
  • Increasing the accuracy of ultrasound examinations of neck lymph nodes.



SuperCurved™ SC6-1

Number of elements: 192
Bandwidth: 1-6 MHz
Applications: Abdominal, Genitourinary, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Vascular, General


SuperLinear™ SL15-4

Number of elements: 256
Bandwidth: 4-15 MHz
Applications: Abdominal, Breast, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Vascular, General

SL 10-2 persp.Web

SuperLinear™ SL10-2

Number of elements: 192
Bandwidth: 2-10 MHz
Applications: Abdominal, Breast, Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Vascular, General

« The main advantage of ShearWave Elastography is that it can give precise quantification values of nodule tissue stiffness without the need to compare it to the surrounding tissue. There are some tumors that still cannot be clearly characterized by ultrasound and fine needle cytology (FNC). ShearWave Elastography may be an additional item that could help us to decide if a tumor is benign or malignant. In the future, ShearWave Elastography may also be able to select the nodules eligible for FNA [Fine Needle Aspirations] in multi-nodular thyroids.»
Dr Hervé Monpeyssen, Paris, France
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