Progress Without Compromise

High resolution and exceptional image quality

Aixplorer® is a range of premium ultrasound systems leveraging the unique UltraFast™ technology in which the frame rate is 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound systems.

Its software-based architecture has allowed SuperSonic Imagine to continuously offer innovative and increasingly efficient imaging modes, that have won over the market.

Our pioneering technology, ShearWave™ Elastography, is the only technique capable of non-invasively measuring  tissue stiffness in real-time, in a wide range of clinical applications and with all probes.

Our UltraFast technology enables us to add new features, making exams even easier, without compromise and with no loss of quality or performance in any other factors.

« I think the image quality on the Aixplorer is far superior to anything else I’ve ever seen in breast before, even compared to the most expensive and most popular units.»
Dr Kathy Schilling, M.D. - Boca Raton, Florida, USA
« With the Aixplorer, we have seen cases where ShearWave Elastography was a key element in the cancer diagnosis of some patients; this has certainly had a positive impact for everyone.»
Dr Christophe Tourasse, M.D. - Lyon, France
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