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Aixplorer, a reference in MSK imaging and Sports Medicine!

Aixplorer offers unrivaled image quality of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. ShearWave™ Elastography enables you to visualize and measure tissue stiffness (up to 800 kPa or 16,3 m/s) in real time. This is particularly useful for monitoring tendinopathies and for measuring muscular load, through real-time visualization of the anatomic and functional image of the muscle when exerted.

The innovative Angio PL.U.S. mode is also very useful for visualising tissue microvascularisation to help diagnosing and treating muscles and tendons conditions.

Video: ShearWave™ Elastography in sports medicine - possible clinical applications, Dr. Lorenzo Masci, UK



SuperLinear™ SLH20-6 : Elbow, Hand-Wrist, Knee, Foot-Ankle, Superficial MSK

Number of elements : 192
Bandwith: 6-20 MHz
Other Applications: Vascular, Pediatrics, General




SuperLinear™ SL15-4: Shoulder, Elbow, Hand-Wrist, Knee, Foot-Ankle, Muscle

Number of elements : 256
Bandwith: 4-15 MHz 
Other Applications : Abdominal, Breast, Genitourinary, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Vascular, General

SL 10-2 persp.Web

SuperLinear™ SL10-2: Shoulder, Knee, Muscle

Number of elements : 192
Bandwith: 2-10 MHz
Other Applications: Abdominal, Breast, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Vascular, General

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