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Clinical Innovations for Prostate Imaging

The multiple imaging modalities available on Aixplorer® are a significant advancement in diagnostic tools for prostate cancer assessment, and a first step towards multiparametric ultrasound examination of prostate tissue.

Real-time ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™), available in 2D and 3D, delivers a quantitative color-coded map of prostate stiffness at the touch of a button. The very large ROI of SWE can cover all of the prostate gland allowing for global assessment of the prostate stiffness and inhomogeneities and quick localization of suspicious areas.

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging - CEUS*
CEUS, complementary of B-Mode and SWE, help physicians to identify, characterize and monitor solid tumors.

* Pending FDA 510K clearance

Watch Prof. Correas presentation at ECR 2016: Advancements in 2D and 3D SWE for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer





SuperEndocavity™ SE12-3

Number of elements : 192
Bandwith: 3-12 MHz
Applications : OB-GYN, Genitourinary, General


SuperEndocavity™ Volumetric 12-3

Number of elements : 192
Bandwith: 3-12 MHz
Applications: OB-GYN, Genitourinary, General

« Although we have not completed our study on the use of ShearWave Elastography imaging of the prostate, our initial results are very promising. The identification of a “stiff” area has helped to target ultrasound-guided biopsies finding cancers, which would have been missed if standard sextant biopsies were performed.»
Dr Richard G. Barr, Professor of Radiology, Northern Ohio College of Medecine.
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