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Navigation, Fusion Imaging and Needle Guidance



Fusion Imaging and Volume Navigation combines real-time ultrasound modes with the benefits of other volumetric imaging datasets such as CT, MR, PET and 3D US.

Exclusive modes like real-time ShearWave™Elastography, Angio PL.U.S. and TriVu. It also allows 3D US acquisitions using conventional 2D probes.

Confident Needle Guidance


The fully integrated user interface is intuitive and helps to easily achieve the most challenging procedure.
The Assisted Needle Navigation provides real-time 3D needle localization to precisely guide the user to the target.
Virtual Mode offers the user with an augmented reality of his gestures.
Motion detection, correction algorithm and respiratory trace further secure the interventional procedure.



Situation Needle navigation with omniTRAX MR
 Virtual Mode_cmyk

Maximize Diagnostic Information and treatment efficiency with Fusion Imaging

Benefit of the advantages of several imaging modalities, including the exclusive innovations by SuperSonic Imagine.
Fusion imaging includes full capability on linear, curved and endocavity 3D probes.
Manual & automatic registration methods allow a successful achievement of image fusion within seconds.
Fusion & Angio PLUS
 Fusion and Needle guidance
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