With SonicResearch™, instantly transform your Aixplorer® MultiWave™ Ultrasound System into a research workstation. 

3 Types of RF Data Acquisition:

Designed to meet the needs of researchers, the SonicResearch interface allows access to advanced system parameters for image optimization and raw radio frequency (RF) data acquisition at different stages of image formation.

  • 2D B-mode: In contrast to conventional research options, SonicResearch enables the unique acquisition of true raw RF data before the processing stage of beam formation. This feature allows storage of the acoustic signals directly received by the transducer elements. In addition, the storage of post beamforming signals is also possible.
  • 3D B-Mode.
  • UltraFast™ Clips: SonicResearch enables UltraFast clip acquisition (several thousand images per second). Received data allows the reconstruction of grey scale images, the analysis of rapid tissue movement (Doppler mode) and the development of new research applications such as elastography.
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