Workflow Matters

Vascular exams can often be long and involved.

The Aixplorer® makes your exam easier with exceptional image quality to help detect blockages, verify placement of stents and evaluate artery walls. Workflow is faster with a simple control panel that groups key vascular functions together and automated measurement tools such as Intima-Media Thickness and Spectral PW AutoTrace. 

Extending the limits of workflow ease and ultrasound technology, the Aixplorer now brings its patented UltraFast™ Imaging platform to the Doppler arena by combining Color Flow Imaging with Pulsed Wave Doppler in one easy-to-use ultrasound mode: UltraFast Doppler.

See why UltraFast Doppler can improve your workflow and change the way you image blood flow:

  • Locate the highest peak-velocity flow areas in seconds and reduce your exam time.
  • Achieve accurate and reproducible spectral Doppler quantification in a retrospective manner, with multiple sample volumes in the same cardiac cycle.
  • Experience high quality flow imaging with no compromises between frame rate and field of view.
  • Image blood flow at incredible frame rates (up to 200 Hz), a ten-fold increase from conventional hemodynamic imaging performance.
  • View fine spatial turbulent flow and high temporal resolution flow details that you have never seen before.

Video of UltraFast Doppler


UltraFast PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) *:
This exclusive technology allows a fast and reliable measurement of the Pulse Wave Velocity in m/s. Aixplorer is the only system to measure PWV in a single acquisition of the carotid. PWV is linked to arterial stiffness and is becoming an essential tool to evaluate cardio-vascular events. 


* This feature is not available in the USA.



SuperLinear™ SL10-2

Number of elements: 192
Bandwidth: 2-10 MHz 
Applications: Digestive Abdominal, Vascular, Breast, Thyroid, Pediatrics, General


Single Crystal Curved XC6-1

Number of elements: 192
Bandwidth: 1-6 MHz 
Applications: Abdominal, Renal, Pelvic, Genitourinary, Thyroid, Vascular, Pediatrics, General


SuperLinear™ SL15-4

Number of elements: 256
Bandwidth: 4-15 MHz 
Applications: Breast, Thyroid, Abdominal, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Pediatrics, General

SMC 12-3 with blue


Number of elements: 192
Bandwidth: 3-12 MHz
Applications:  Pediatrics, General, Vascular


Single Crystal Phased Array XP5-1

Number of elements: 96
Bandwidth: 1-5 MHz 
Applications: Vascular, Abdominal, General

« The Aixplorer provides me with outstanding image quality for my vascular imaging. The images in B-mode are very clear with high resolution and border definition, helping me to correctly evaluate possible restenosis and neointimal thickening around stent borders. Aixplorer’s new UltraFast Doppler has real advantages in workflow. UltraFast Doppler gives me complete Spectral Doppler flow information immediately and lets me take multiple sample volumes and measurements in the internal carotid artery and compare this to the common carotid artery. Multiple sample volumes are also very useful in measuring velocities in parenchymal kidney disease and transplanted kidneys in the intrarenal arteries and doing comparisons with previous exams.»
Dr. Gordana Ivanac MD, PhD. Zagreb, Croatia
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