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ECR 2020

From Wednesday 15 July 2020 to Sunday 19 July 2020
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ECR 2020 Radiology

Learn more about our breakthrough ultrasound systems  Aixplorer MACH 30 and Aixplorer MACH 20 at ECR 2020.

Hologic and SuperSonic Imagine invite you to a series of medical education workshops that will take place during this year's ECR annual meeting.



Medical Education Workshops

Foucauld Chamming's

Shearwave Elastography in Breast Imaging: get your own experience

Dr Foucauld Chamming’s, Bordeaux/France

This workshop will give a complete overview of current shearwave ultrasound elastography practice in the continuum of breast imaging. In the hands-on reading session, a series of cases will be reviewed with participants to illustrate the clinically proven benefits of shearwave elastography for improving breast lesion characterization in different situations.

Olivier Lucidarme

Evaluation of diffuse liver disease - Shearwave Elastography and new ultrasound markers experience

Pr Olivier Lucidarme, Paris/France

The objective of this 60-minute workshop is to provide participants with an overview of the clinical value of Shearwave Elastography and new ultrasound markers as noninvasive tools for the management of patients with diffuse liver disease. Participants will review a selection of cases that illustrate the mportance of Shear Wave Elastography in the diagnosis of liver fibrosis and introduces the benefits of new ultrasound markers, especially for steatosis quantification.

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