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Elastography Technique Helps Determine Liver Fibrosis

January 2nd, 2014 - A non invasive technique visualizes and quantitatively measures tissue stiffness across the different stages of fibrosis leading up to cirrhosis.
The Aixplorer Ultrasound System with ShearWave Elastography (SWE) can help determine quantitative liver stiffness values in an easy-to-use manner, which can be safely repeated over time to follow disease progression or regression.

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Shear-wave elastography, ABUS help classify breast lesions

By Kate Madden.

December 1, 2013 -- CHICAGO - High tumor stiffness at shear-wave elastography appears to predict lymph node metastasis in women with invasive breast cancer, and automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) turned in a similar diagnostic performance to handheld ultrasound, according to two studies presented on Sunday at the RSNA meeting.

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Accurate Assessment of Liver Fibrosis

By Dr Vivan Y.F. Leung & Prof Winnie C.W. Chu

Patients with chronic hepatitis B are at increased risk if cirrhosis. Assessment of fibrosis has an important prognostics implications that can guide clinical therapy.
This article describes the results of a recent study, carried out in a large group of normal subjects and chronic hepatitis B patients to evaluate the utility of ShearWave Elastography (SWE) for assessment of liver fibrosis. The results were correlated with those of biopsies.

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SuperSonic raises 28 million euros in financing

Ultrasound technology developer SuperSonic Imagine announced it has raised 28 million euros in its latest financing round.

Of the total amount, 14 million euros comes from the French Investment Fund, with the remainder coming from two new investors, Alto Invest and Kuwait Life Sciences, and the company's existing investors.

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Improvement in the visualization of prostate cancer through the use of ShearWave™ Elastography

by Dr G Salomon, Dr L Budaeus, Dr L Durner & Dr K Boehm

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in males with more than 910,000 annual cases worldwide. With early detection, excellent cure rates can be achieved. Today, prostate cancer is diagnosed by a randomized transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy.
However, such randomized “blind” biopsies can miss cancer because of the inability of conventional TRUS to visualize small cancerous spots in most cases.
Elastography has been shown to improve visualization of prostate cancer. The innovative ShearWave Elastography technique is an automated, user-friendly and quantifiable method fore the determination of prostatic tissue stiffness


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