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ShearWave Elastography is relevant in diagnosis, staging, and prognosis for liver fibrosis

By Michael Reiter,

A technology recently developed by ultrasound specialists SuperSonic Imagine, called ShearWave Elastography, allows to measure tissue stiffness in real-time, and has been demonstrated to be effective in the visualization of the different stages of fibrosis leading up to cirrhosis. It could impact the diagnosis and treatment of these and further liver diseases.

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A Glance at Recent Trends in Ultrasound

Technological advances are making way for smaller and more dynamic systems

By: Raissa Rocha

With ever-increasing concerns about radiation dose and the appropriate use of diagnostic imaging tests, doctors are continuously looking for ways to better image their patients. Advances in ultrasound are making the technology appear more attractive for certain clinical applications, from breast health to cardiology, thanks to their noninvasiveness, cost-effectiveness and lack of radiation. Some of the emerging innovations in ultrasound, such as real-time 3-D imaging and the development of wireless transducers, are set to keep the market going throughout 2013 and beyond.

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Cheap, safe and radiation-free: Now possible to detect cancer by measuring the elasticity of tumours

Ulltrasound creates two types of waves: pressure waves and shear waves. Pressure waves go down into the tissue. Shear waves run horizontally, and are created by the radiation pressure from the pressure waves. Current ultrasound examinations measure the pressure waves. The new ultra sound examination measures the shear waves. Until now it has not been possible to measure the shear waves. Shear waves can be used to measure elasticity in soft tissue. Elasticity differs between healthy tissue and tumours. The answer is shown in colours. Credit: Supersonic Imagine

Provided by the University of Oslo.

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Breast US could be option for primary cancer screening

By Kate Madden Yee

November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Breast cancer incidence is increasing worldwide, but screening mammography isn't always available. Could ultrasound serve as a primary test for breast cancer in countries without access to mammography? It's possible, according to research presented on Sunday at the RSNA meeting.

Dr. Wendie Berg, PhD, from the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues used American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) 6666 data to evaluate outcomes of breast cancer screening if ultrasound were the primary screening modality. The team investigated cancer detection, recall, and biopsy rates, as well as positive predictive value of biopsy.

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SuperSonic gets FDA elastography OK

October 1, 2012 -- Ultrasound developer SuperSonic Imagine has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the addition of a real-time, adjustable numerical scale in meters per second for ShearWave elastography on its Aixplorer ultrasound system.

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