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The Aixplorer® User's Club is an online resource that covers all educational needs met by Aixplorer users worldwide. Equipped with an easy-to-use global search engine, the password-protected website is currently organized in 3 main sections that offer the exact information Aixplorer users are looking for:

-        Section 1 proposes documents in a downloadable pdf or a movie format. These documents include very useful tips for the use of Aixplorer, basic educational content to ensure the background knowledge, as well as detailed reviews of Aixplorer® settings and controls for every imaging mode available.

-        Section 2 is a FAQ in which Aixplorer users can find all relevant questions and information they may have on the product itself, its technology, and how to make the best use of it. Questions and answers can be searched using the search engine or can be browsed by clinical application of interest.

-        Section 3 is a gallery of clinical cases of interest, which were submitted by Aixplorer® users and have been selected for publication online. Submitting a clinical case to the Aixplorer Users’ Club administration is very easy: click on the banner, enter a title, a description of the case, detail the clinical history and attach at least 1 image coming from Aixplorer. You will be automatically informed of the process onwards.

At any time while browsing the Aixplorer User's Club, you can send a request to the Aixplorer Support team. Your question will be reviewed and the answer to be sent to you within a maximum of 3 business days. Simply click on the banner “Ask our support team” and follow the instructions.

Visit  http://www.aixplorerclub.com/index.php

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