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Institut Langevin of the ESPCI

Site of excellence, the Ecole Supérieure de Physique
et Chimie Industrielle de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI) 
is a great contributor to the scientific reputation and renown of Paris. The school has always maintained the highest standards for its research but has also provided an education for its students adapted to the constraints of the modern industrial world. Today, as industrial needs and requirements are more and more multi disciplinary in nature, the school has broadened its research and education to include new domains like healthcare, environment and imaging.

The school has a prestigious history. Amongst its most well known researchers were Pierre and Marie Curie, Paul Langevin, Pierre Gilles de Gennes and Georges Charpak.

The Institut Langevin "Ondes et Images" (waves and images) was created on the 1st of january 2009 within the ESPCI ParisTech.

Its director,  Mathias Fink, is a member of the French Academy of Sciences. He has been able to create an environment of innovation and creativity at the confluence of domains like medical imaging, medical therapy, non-destructive testing, audio sound, underwater acoustics and even wireless communications.


Institut Langevin de l'ESPCI

The Institut Curie

The Institut Curie fights against cancer. Founded by
Marie Curie and Claudius Régaud, the Institut Curie,
a private non-profit foundation, accredited public utility since 1921 and accredited as a public service since 1921, is directed since January 2002 by the Professor Claude Huriet. For over eighty years, true to the wishes of its founders Marie Curie and Claudius Régaud, the Curie Institute has been pursuing two connected goals in the fight against cancer: patient management and oncology research.

In Paris and in Orsay, over 1,700 people currently work for the curie Institute's hospital and research center.

Interdisciplinary cooperation between clinicians and scientists is at the heart of the Institut Curie’s culture and know-how, aiming to make the most recent progress in cancer research available to patients as quickly as possible.The research center is made up of number of laboratories associated with the CNRS or INSERM (France's national research institutions), furthering our understanding of how normal and cancerous cells work, in order to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Supporting the meeting of doctors and researchers around innovating programs, on ultramodern technical platforms (genomic, cellular biology, bioinformatics, banks of tissues and serum), the Department of transfer and pre-clinical development occupies an essential key position to ensure the fast passage of progress of research towards the patient, the passage from the concept to the medical practice.

Every year, some 75,000 people including 7,500 new patients come to the Hospital, a private institution working within the French national hospital system, for outpatient visits and tests.

L'Institut Curie
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