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Image Quality

"I think the image quality on the Aixplorer is far superior to anything else I've seen in breast before. Anatomic structures are seen much more clearly and distinctly."

Dr Kathy Schilling, M.D. - Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

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ShearWave™ Elastography

measures and displays, in real-time, color-coded local tissue elasticity map.

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UltraFast™ Doppler

With its exceptional speed of acquisition, only Aixplorer unites Color Flow Imaging with Pulsed Wave Doppler.

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SuperSonic Imagine

The Innovative Ultrasound Company

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is the ONLY ultrasound system with an UltraFast™ platform.

This SuperSonic speed enables innovations such as ShearWave™ Elastography and UltraFast™ Doppler while rendering clinically detailed B-mode image quality for all clinical applications.



SuperSonic Imagine launches its new Musculoskeletal Application


The new musculoskeletal application, available on the Aixplorer®, provides new opportunities for musculoskeletal and sports medicine diagnoses with real-time ShearWave™ Elastography and outstanding image quality.

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