Michele Lesieur

Dear Reader,

I am delighted to welcome you to our Internet site. On behalf of the entire SuperSonic Imagine team and myself, I would like to thank all of our new and traditional shareholders for their confidence and support.

SuperSonic Imagine, a leader in ultrasound imaging, has developed a unique technology that offers practitioners and patients a real and unparalleled breakthrough in the diagnosis and follow up of breast, prostate and thyroid cancers, as well as liver diseases.

Our flagship product, Aixplorer®, is a new generation ultrasound system incorporating UltraFast™ technology that renders images with exceptional definition, contrast and resolution. Aixplorer has an innovative imaging technique that enables the elasticity of tissue to be quantified, visualized and analyzed in real-time, in a reproducible and non-invasive manner. This leads to improved diagnostic capabilities and can help reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies. These clinical benefits enable practitioners to have a solution at their disposal to better detect, characterize and classify the various pathologies during a simple ultrasound examination.

Rest assured that we will remain completely focused on the realization of our projects and that we will do our best to ensure that Aixplorer® is a global success.

Yours sincerely,

Michèle Lesieur,

CEO and President

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