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SuperSonic Imagine regularly invites experts and doctors to share their experience and studies with their peers.



ECR, March 2017: "UltraFast Imaging: innovations in ultrasound for daily practice"



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ECR, March 2016: UltraFast Imaging: A New Paradigm for Ultrasound Diagnosis  How innovations derived from UltraFast™ Imaging are improving diagnosis and patient management in major diseases






ECR, March 2015, "Current and future use of UltraFast™ Imaging The innovation continues"



Chicago, December 2014, "UltraFast™ Imaging capabilities  of the Aixplorer® MultiWave™ Ultrasound System"



ECR, March 2014, "The Benefits UltraFast™ Imaging Brings To Ultrasound".





      Chicago, December 2013, "Aixplorer’s UltraFast Imaging The Expert’s Choice in Ultrasound"