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Cybersecurity support

As connected devices are now commonly used to store data and such, it is a duty for manufacturers to provide security and guaranteed privacy, especially in healthcare.
SuperSonic Imagine is fully aware of this new challenge, and that is why we designed our products with patient data protection in mind.

By following strict regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and guidelines issued by international organizations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CFDA (Chinese Food and Drug Administration), SuperSonic Imagine complies with all Cybersecurity standards for healthcare.

To prevent ill-intended individuals from exploiting eventual breaches, we make sure to apply the Defense in Depth principle which consists in a multi-layered security plan:

  • Disk encryption: By encrypting our disks at installation, we guarantee patient integrity and data protection at rest.
  • DICOM TLS (Transport Layer Security): to ensure that all communications between the medical device and other servers are protected, and therefore guarantees the integrity of PHI.
  • Logins: By design, prevent ill-intended users to take control of the system. Each user has a dedicated session with dedicated credentials, with the possibility to customize his/her own presets and settings. To facilitate settings management and administration rights, different user profiles are available.
  • Audit Logs : In case of a security failure, audit logs are available to better track its source and detect malicious activity.

If you would like to report a breach, vulnerability or any security-related incident, please download this Report Form and send it back to using our PGP public key.

Do not include sensitive information (other than information related to the vulnerability details) in any screenshots or other documents or content you provide to us.

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