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Aixplorer Ultimate in 60 seconds

Discover the new premium ultrasound system, Aixplorer® Ultimate, using SuperSonic Imagine’s exclusive UltraFast™ technology.

What you need to know about Fatty Liver Disease?

TV show Good Morning Texas: "What you need to know about Fatty Liver Disease"
Dr. Robert Rahimi, a hepatologist on the medical staff at Baylor University Medical Center, discusses fatty liver disease.

Symposium ECR 2016 - UltraFast Imaging: A New Paradigm for Ultrasound Diagnosis
Ultrasound saving times, lives and money - WKYC

Feb. 2016 - Any woman who's had a mammogram and was called back for an ultrasound knows how stressful that can be. But new technology is helping doctors not only find cancers earlier, but also save time and money. Aixplorer®, a state-of-the-art ultrasound system, allows doctors to immediately identify cancer or diseases through a non-invasive approach.

ShearWave Elastography for Breast - Dr Schillings Testimonial