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What's new in breast imaging?

July 2019, by DOTmed

Last year, SuperSonic Imagine launched the newest version of its breast UltraFast ultrasound system, called the Aixplorer MACH 30. The system has a new processor that allows the ShearWave PLUS elastography signal to go deeper into the body and also reduces the power consumption of the scanner significantly from 1,500 watts down to 350 watts, said Jacques Souquet director of innovation at SuperSonic Imagine.

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Technology update - Aixplorer MACH 30 ultrasound system


We are very excited to present Aixplorer MACH 30. An increasing number of our new ultrasound systemes are being installed across Europe; we have begun to install them in radiology departments of university hospitals and private radiology clinics in Germany, Romania, Italy and of course France.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Radiology Space - Interview of Jacques Souquet

01/01/2019, by HealthProfessionalRadio

Jacques Souquet, founder of SuperSonic Imagine, talks about the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having in ultrasound and where he sees this going, and why his company finally decided to integrate AI in their latest flagship product.

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AI is transforming diagnostic imaging

12/03/2019, by Jacques Souquet, Ph.D.

AI feeds off the massive data loads acquired by today’s devices, and then rapidly teaches itself to recognize and characterize disease.

The volume of data that today’s imaging modalities can collect in just a few minutes is vastly greater than the amount of data that a doctor can review in ten times as long. The systems summarize the data in reports, which have become increasingly sophisticated with integration of normative databases, but physicians still need to dedicate a great deal of their own time and judgment to diagnostic imagery. Which of the hundreds or thousands of images are the most important? What do they reveal?

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Ultrasound News: Shear Wave Elastography — A Business Case Study

Septembre 2018, by Steven Cohen, MD, FACR

Recent studies and guidelines have established the accuracy and reproducibility of shear wave elastography (SWE), an ultrasound modality that uses fast-moving shear waves to quantify tissue stiffness.1,2 These measurements provide clinically useful information. Obtaining that information quickly, accurately, and without discomfort generates clear benefits to the patient as well as the practice. But what about the economic impact?

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