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Ultrasounds Lead To 50% Reduction In Breast Biopsies

August 6th, 2015

"Many women will agree that mammograms are uncomfortable while there is no pain associated with ultrasound or while using ShearWave Elastography (this is the color map technology used). Downtime is dependent on each patient but it can be a afternoon or a day. A lot of the anxiety around the procedure, most of which comes from the unknown outcome of the biopsy, is decreased."

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SuperSonic Imagine aims to reduce biopsies with ultrasound

3rd of August, 2015

French imaging company SuperSonic Imagine thinks its new imaging systems can change the biopsy game for the better, according to an interview with founder and chief strategic and innovation officer Jacques Souquet.

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Ultrasound system sharpens paediatric hepatic imaging

6th of March, 2015.

Ask about UltraFast ultrasound and you might expect a technical answer explaining why the ultrasound is faster. However, for Stéphanie Franchi-Abella MD, fast means just fast, an ultra-quick acquisition she can take of a squirming, agitated new-born in the blink of an eye. ‘These babies are small and breathing rapidly, the organs are moving fast in the image and it’s sometimes difficult to record Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler in their vessels that are small.

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Menos radiación, más imagen y mejor experiencia en Radiología

March 5th, 2015.

Las empresas presentan sus tecnologías en el Congreso Europeo de Radiologóa 2015

Velocidad inaudita. SuperSonic ha presentado su sistema de ultrasonido Aixplorer, una tecnología que puede adquirir «20.000 imágenes por segundo» (200 veces más rápido que las técnicas actuales), destaca la empresa francesa en comunicado de prensa. Además, es la «única» solución que utiliza dos tipos de ondas para caracterizar mejor los tejidos. Una se encarga de asegurar la calidad «impecable» de la imagen. La otra mide y muestra en tiempo real, usando un código de colores, la elasticidad de los tejidos.

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Real-time ShearWave Elastography: new Applications for Evaluating the Liver

January 2015, by Pr V. Vilgrain.

The Technique of ShearWave Elastography has recently been shown to be applicable to in two very different patient populations.

Over the past decade, several studies have clearly demonstrated the usefulness of the technology of ShearWave Elastography (SWE) in the accurate, non-invasive and quantitative assessment of liver stiffness [1, 2]. ShearWave Elastography was pioneered and developed by the French company SuperSonic Imagine and was used in the studies described in this article.
SWE ultrasound systems enable physicians to evaluate the stiffness of liver tissue in real time and two-dimensionally, thus yielding important diagnostic information regarding disease staging and also helping in the non-invasive monitoring of the progression of liver disease.

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