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Selected references

1. In vivo quantitative mapping of myocardial stiffening and transmural anisotropy during the cardiac cycle.Couade M, Pernot M, Messas E, Bel A, Ba M, Hagege A, Fink M, Tanter M. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2011 Feb;30(2):295-305.

2. Real-time assessment of myocardial contractility using shear wave imaging.Pernot M, Couade M, Mateo P, Crozatier B, Fischmeister R, Tanter M, Journal of the american college of cardiology, June 28, 2011; 58: 65 - 72. 

3. Mapping Myocardial Fiber Orientation using Echocardiography-Based Shear Wave Imaging.W-L Lee, M Pernot, M Couade, E Messas, A Hagege, M Fink, A Bel, P Bruneval, M Tanter. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2011 Oct 19.

4. Arterial wall elasticity: State of the art and future prospects.Messas E, Pernot M, Couade M. Diagn Interv Imaging. 2013 May;94(5):561-9.

5. Quantitative assessment of arterial wall biomechanical properties using shear wave imaging.Couade M, Pernot M, Prada C, Messas E, Emmerich J, Bruneval P, Criton A, Fink M, Tanter M. Ultrasound Med Biol. 2010 Oct;36(10):1662-76.

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