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Selected references

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Small animal research

1. Ultrasound image processing to estimate the structural and functional properties of mouse skeletal muscle. Redouane Ternifia, Malek Kammouna, Philippe Pouletauta, Malayannan Subramaniamb, John R. Hawseb, Sabine F. Bensamoun. BSPC. 2020 Feb 56:101735

2. Development of a novel multiphysical approach for the characterization of mechanical properties of musculotendinous tissues. Malek Kammoun, Redouane Ternifi, Vincent Dupres, Philippe Pouletaut, Sandra Même, William Même, Frederic Szeremeta, Jessem Landoulsi, Jean-Marc Constans, Frank Lafont, Malayannan Subramaniam, John R. Hawse & Sabine F. Bensamoun. Scientific Report. 2019 May 9(1):7733

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